Civil War Trail Markers
yadkinville cwtm1

Yadkinville Marker
Trails sign one block east of Route 601 at 127 Hemlock Street, Yadkinville, nc

Divided loyalties in the town and area erupted into violence in a February 1863 shootout and again in July 1864 when Unionists freed several prisoners and raided home-guard weapons and ammunition. Approximately 1,200 men served in the Confederate army, but more than a few enlisted in Union units.


Bond School House
Trails sign 1140 Deep Creek Church Road, 4 miles northeast of Yadkinville, NC

A shootout here Feb. 12, 1863, erupted when Confederate militia swept down on a small gathering of anti-war Quakers and a Confederate deserter. Several on each side were killed.

pearson house_marker6

Richmond Hill
Trails sign at 4641 Law School Road, East Bend, NC

Richmond Hill was the home of North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Richmond Mumford Pearson. He opposed secession and worked to free North Carolinians imprisoned for avoiding the draft. A 30-acre park surrounds the home. Living history open houses are offered the third Sunday of each month May-October, 2-4 pm. Trails sign in Richmond Hill Park at the end of Law School Road, north of Route 67 between Boonville and East Bend.

jonesville cwtm1

Trails sign at 1503 NC Hwy 67, Jonesville, NC

Stoneman’s raiders passed through here April 1, 1865, destroying scientific equipment at the Jonesville Male and Female Academy but overlooking the school’s bell. The bell still rings at the First United Methodist Church. Trails sign located at the visitor center just west of I-77 on Route 67.

windsors crosroads_cwtm1 Windsor’s Crossroads
Trails sign at 5101 Windsor Road, Hamptonville, NC

Union raiders rode three abreast down a narrow dirt road here on a path of destruction. Local residents reported that the troopers burned “everything along the way.”

huntsville cwtm1

Trails sign at 5110 Courtney-Huntsville Road, Yadkinville, NC

On April 11, 1865, the raiders surprised and scattered a few home guards here before pillaging and burning several buildings. A Union sympathizer in town, however, fed more than 100 Union troops.